What we do

[1]   Corporate Training

  • Motivation workshops for lower and middle level employees.
  • Soft Skills and Functional area Training programs for lower & middle level employees.
  • Employees enrichment programs based on Entertainments For lower level employees to corporate.
  • Day – outs.
  • Sports & Games (Inter and Intra organization).

[2]   Institutional Training

  • Orientation training for first year students.
  • Placement training for final year students.
  • Life Skills Programs for all levels of students.
  • Academic Leadership programs for Teaching Professionals.
  • Empowerment Programs for non-teaching officials.

[3]   Public (open house) Training Programs

[4]   Piloting for CSR Initiatives

  • Complete execution of projects of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Community development programs
  • Conducting Events, Conferences etc.,

[5]   Corporate Make-over

  • End to end solutions for complete make-over
  • Business development consulting
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Quality Improvement
  • Process Improvement
  • Cost Control
  • Brand building
  • Image building sss

Training Methodologies

Our training consists of variety of delivery methods, offering a broader range of subject matter. We have developed multi-course customized programs for large-scale rollout to your staff and workforce. We adopt a range of training approaches, depending upon organizational and individual need. We choose the most appropriate and updated training approach, which includes

  • Ice breakers with Self Analysis
  • Motivational Speeches
  • Power point presentations
  • Success Stories & Case Studies
  • Role plays and Group Activities
  • Exercises & Games
  • Audio Visuals
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Exercises & Games
  • Evaluation and Correcting Measures
  • and various interactive methods